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About us

For nearly two decades, Embler Art Gallery has been promoting a diverse and exciting selection of local, national and international fine artists. Embler Art Gallery exhibits art collections in seven VIP Club Lounges at JFK, MIA and Sao Paulo International Airports. Rotating art collections among these unique venues allows artists’ works to be seen by thousands of elite travelers every day.
Embler Art Gallery is a multifaceted company dedicated to representing fine artists & creating beautiful art environments for both corporate and residential spaces. With over 60 artists in our collection, we have the experience and resources to help our clients choose the right artwork for any space.
Embler Art Gallery was originally founded in 1992 to procure art for luxury cruise liners, five star hotels and private residences worldwide. The growing market for quality fine art and Embler´s unique skill in identifying artists whose work would be in demand among fine art collectors led to Embler Art Gallery opening a retail gallery center on Las Olas Blvd in Fort Lauderdale, Florida from 2004-2007.

When presented the opportunity to display and sell art inside Airport Club lounges in International airports, Embler Art Gallery relocated their Las Olas gallery into 7 club locations creating a unique gallery opportunity for artists to display and sell their work. Embler Art Gallery features original works of art, as well as limited edition giclees on canvas from well known and established artists. Exhibitions run for a full year, providing artists maximum exposure to a constantly changing audience of thousands of Club guests every day.

Current Club exhibitions at MIA, JFK, and Sao Paulo International Airports feature works by over 35 artists, including Clark Prosperi, Bobbi Van, Laura Radwell,  Dolka Morico, Pascal Pierme, Margarita Deleuze, Joan Swan, Jerry Blank, Marcelle Zanetti, Denette Schweikert, Sandy Kaufman, Carlos Cadavid, Cecelia Rivera, Ansen Seale, Waylon Christner, Joe Rubin, Robert and Michelle Casarietti, Marisabel Bazan, , Elaine Hunter, Robert DiMatteo, John Baran, Marlene Siff, Sylvie Hamou  … among many others.