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Artist Contest

Embler Art Gallery’s annual Call for Artists!

Embler Art Gallery’s annual Artist contest to exhibit artwork in Airline Club lounges inside Miami International, JFK International, and GRU International Airports.


Previous Exhibition Contest Winners

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Winners will receive:

– 12 months exhibition inside a prestigious Airline Club Lounge in one of our venues (JFK, MIA,GRU)

– 3-6  pieces of art exhibited depending on size

– 50% of sales paid to the artist for work sold through our Gallery venue, website, & promotions

– professional art installation and deinstallation

– tagging of all artwork

– management of art while in our gallery (i.e. fielding all inquires, overseeing sales to the end, payment, arrangement of shipping, etc.)

– 1 1/2 years featured on our website (including organization and management of info during that time)

– promotion to our extensive clientele of previous buyers, interior designers, hotels, and private entities

– Return of art* to the artist at the expense of Embler Art Gallery if artwork has not sold by the end of the 12 month exhibition.

*Art returns at the Gallery’s expense are limited to returns within the United States.


Call for Artists Terms & Guidelines:

Eligibility: The competition is open to artists anywhere in the world, 18 years of age or older. Drawings, paintings, printmaking, photography, digital art, and mixed media are eligible. Media not accepted: video/film, wearable art (clothing or jewelry), installation art, free-standing sculpture. All works submitted must be original in design and concept. Artwork must not be copied, in part or wholly, from any published or copyrighted work. Work previously shown inside any Airline Club lounges through Embler Art Gallery’s exhibition is ineligible. Artists who have previously exhibited with Embler Art Gallery must submit new works to be eligible.

Please do not submit images which would be inappropriate for general audiences.

Selected Artists: Selected Artists will have their art displayed in a twelve month-long in-club exhibition. Artists who are selected as finalists benefit from world-wide exposure and have the opportunity to sell works selected to thousands of members who visit the Airline Club lounges daily.

Sales Commissions: All works submitted for the exhibition must be available for sale. Upon the sale of an artwork, artist will receive 50% commission of the agreed upon price. All art will be labeled and sold through Embler Art Gallery to members visiting the Airline Club VIP lounges.

Submission Guidelines: Artists must first pay a non-refundable entry fee of $45.00 (credit/debit card or PayPal) then complete the entry form to submit their 4 images.

Size Limitations: Please submit works that are no smaller than the smallest side being 14″ and no larger than the largest side being 48″, (unless the work is part of a diptych, triptych, or polyptych).

Shipping: Artists will be responsible for the expense to ship art to Embler Art Gallery’s holding location before installation. Art that has not been sold after the 12 month exhibition will be *returned to the artist at the expense of Embler Art Gallery. Artwork must arrive ready to hang.

*Art Returns are limited to shipping within the United States.

Image size, Format and Resolution: Images must be in a jpg format only. Save your images with as little compression as possible (i.e. choose the best quality when saving your images). Do not submit slide shows, Flash files, PowerPoint, etc. The resolution should not be greater than 150 dpi.

File size limitation: The file size for each image is limited to 2MB

File name: File names are limited to 20 characters and cannot have spaces, punctuation marks, or non-English characters. (Do not include characters such as !@.’#$%^&*()_+ as part of the file name.)
Acceptable file name: MarysBlueRainCoat.jpg Not acceptable: Mary’s Blue.Rain Coat.jpg

Acceptance/Notification: Artists will be notified by January 6, 2015 if they have been selected as a finalist for Winter 2015 Embler Art Gallery Airline VIP lounge exhibition. All selected artists will be announced to our website in January 2015.

Ready to apply?

Once you have payed the submission fee, you will receive an email within 24 hours from Embler Art Gallery that provides you with a link to access the submission form. Please contact us if you do not receive the email: