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Cecilia Rivera

Cecilia Rivera '11 - Version 3

Painting is as traveling through a spiritual space of comfort, and freedom, it is the experience that leads to healing, as in my case did, through many years of alienation, this was the place were I belonged and revealed my own Identity, to be one in body mind and senses, the whole being evolved like the alchemy that searches the transformation of the substance into something divine.

It is the poetry of the experience of the instant captured by colors, construction and deconstruction, chaos and order, breathing for life.

Painting perceives farther beyond rational; it is the primitive, the original being that arises with no civilized taming whatsoever, brutally, the senses arise, exploiting in fires of colors. The drama, as well as the joy of this encounter, reveals itself though the caring process of preparing the material, resins, the beauty of the wax, building the effect of the organic nature of textures combined with colors that renders the qualities that evokes smells .

the need to be touched and embraced, colors, pigments ,magma erupting from mother nature , from earth, to heaven, from heavenĀ  to hell.