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Chuck Reich


Born and raised a New Yorker, photographer Chuck Reich found the streets and sidewalks of the city, his teachers of creativity and inspiration for art and photography.

Through the broad spectrum of culture, intellect, and diversity in a city filled with the constant thrust of change, came his enthusiasm to capture single moments in time and transform these images to invite the viewer to look beyond what is actual, and question the possibilities of the abstract world we live in today.

The obvious architectural allure in Chuck Reich’s work has to do substantially from his upbringing in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens. These streets, since childhood until now, have been the building blocks and the anchor for the imaginative visionary that he is. Created with an array of vision, his innovative works speak a language of curiosity and intrigue. The integration of original photographs along with his artistic manipulation through cutting edge technology, transform these images into a translation full of color, depth, texture and a visual content that while realistic in form, speak a language of their own.