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Denette Schweikert


The genesis of Denette’s dramatic realistic paintings of lush foliage and flowers comes from mixing her logical approach developed during her extensive business career with her love of classical music into a second career in art. These contrasts in her personality work well as she shares her love and respect for nature’s amazing treasures.

Denette Schweikert has been painting since selling her computer accounting consulting practice six years ago. A friend dared her to take an art class, and it has changed her life.
While painting accidentally became a second career for Denette, being awarded “Best of Show” in 2005 at the Cornell Museum of Art in Delray Beach, Fl confirmed her dedication to her art. Since then, she has been features in Artist Magazine Jan. 2006 as well being named finalist in several Artist Magazine annual competitions.

Denette is continuously inspired by the endless beauty of the Florida landscape. “I am drawn to paint large scale because it allows me to capture all the nuances of the shape and feeling of the flowers and foliage, and how they interact with the nature surrounding them. The aggrandized format promotes detail that is abstracted, fanciful and contemporary, as opposed to a literal representation.”

Denette and her husband live in Melbourne, FL, where the view of the dolphins and gulls that frequent the Indian River outside her window continues to inspire her.
“My art brings me such joy,” Denette says. “I create with the intention of sharing some of that joy with others. I have succeeded when my patrons are drawn to stop, enjoy, and smile every time they pass my paintings.”