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Fawn Rogers

Fawn Rogers in her studio Fawn Rogers is an American contemporary artist. Born in Portland, Oregon, Rogers spent her first few years in a small collective in the woods near Medford. After leaving home at the age of 15 and completion of her high school education the following year, she moved to Europe, where she spent the next several years immersed in travel and self education within the art world. In the coming years, she would travel extensively in over 50 countries, primarily throughout Europe, Southeast Asia and West Africa.

Aesthetically, Fawn’s art incorporates realism, conceptualism, and the synthesis of text and image. Thematically, at its core, her work reflects an idea of power as the currency of nature and human interaction. Although she works in a variety of media, her work is identifiable as distinctly her own.

Her art has since been displayed and sold in the United States, Japan, India and throughout Europe. Selected works include “I Like The Dark, it’s Friendly”, “Assassination And The Exchange Rate”, “Visible Light Project”, “I Love You And That Makes Me God”, “In Heaven” and “Gunhildr Goes To The Market”.

Her work has been published in In Elle, Glamour, People, InStyle, Notorious, Neo2, Flaunt, Spanish Vogue and Italian Vogue.

Fawn Rogers currently resides in Los Angeles, California.