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Joe Rubin

Joseph Rubin

Joseph Rubin holds four academic degrees: liberal arts (Columbia University) law (Harvard University), international relations (Columbia University). and political science (Columbia University) and was awarded a Fullbright  Scholarship to Central and South America to study economic integration. Today he continues to be active in international corporate law starting new ventures, and structuring international transactions. As an international business consultant he advises several governments  and  companies on economic and legal matters. On the academic side, he has spent over twenty-five years as a professor at Columbia University teaching courses in law, business management, entrepreneurship, and international  privatization. As founder and director of an international executive   training institute, he still conducts management training programs in the USA and abroad.

All the while, from Shanghai to Moscow to Monte Carl, from Las Vegas to the Riviera to the Bay of Napoli, Mr. Rubin has actively pursued his passion for the arts. He has performed as a musician and has appeared in movies. And his camera lens follows everywhere recording his reactions and impressions.  He has been immersed in photography for over thirty years, and for several years was employed by Columbia University as a University Photographer.

His photographs have appeared in numerous publications, including the New YorkTimes, Inter-American Magazine, Americas Magazine, and university publications. His work is currently sold at art auctions at the Aguttes Galleries in Paris, France, and Fine Arts Miami in Miami, Florida.