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Manss Aval

Manss Aval On Site r

Manss is an artist and long-time fine art photographer who works and resides in San Diego, California. Inspired by Nature’s patterns and textures, his works transform inanimate objects into faces, designs, and complete figures that present our environment in a different, more intimate perspective. As primary medium he concentrates on photography, acrylic, and oil on canvas, and mixed media techniques. Among his other interests in the arts are sculpture, video, and film. He has a broad background in media, communications and the sciences (including a Ph.D.).

Manss’ abstract expressionism brims with free, gestural strokes and a rich palette; radiating emotive energy. As one art critic remarked, “His work is characterized by a sense of impromptu and instinctive freedom”.

His fine art and photographic work has received many national and international awards. He has exhibited in over 30 juried solo and group shows nationally in New York, Pasadena, San Diego, Laguna Beach, La Jolla, Los Angeles, Miami Beach, as well as internationally in Barcelona, Florence, Merida, Paris, Rome and Toronto. His museum shows include the Louvre and San Diego’s Athenaeum Museum. He received an International Fine Art Photography Award in 2013, and was selected by Art Platform’s Vanguard Visionaries project, Arttour International Magazine’s “Top 60 Masters of Contemporary Art” 2015, and ArtBuzz 2014 Juried Fine Art Search. Manss is also a winner in the 6th Artslant Showcase competition 2014, the International Art Festival Committee, New York 2014, the Toronto Star Photography Awards 2014, the Texas Spirit Art Show National Juried Art Competition 2014, Four Points Contemporary, and Carlsbad’s William D. Cannon Art Gallery 2013 Juried Biennial. He was a featured artist of Art & Beyond Magazine in 2014 and his work has appeared in several publications, including “Contemporary Art of Excellence”, “Internationale Kunst Heute – 2015″, “Top 60 Masters of Contemporary Art”, and “The Art of Creativity”.

His work is also available at the Laguna Gallery of Contemporary Art in Laguna Beach, California.