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MarianneB van der Haar

Screen Shot 2015-02-21 at 2.18.27 PM I was born in northern Germany and lived most of my younger years in The Netherlands. During the early 1980’s, I lived four years in Tanzania, East Africa, before returning to The Netherlands once again for a career in interior design. In 1993, I moved to Atlanta, where I started painting in 1995 while taking a sabbatical from interior design. When I picked up the paints, my future just came to me and exploded — my love of bringing layers upon layers of acrylic paint together with mixed other media while working on composing a canvas. My supply cabinet has expanded over the years to include other materials such as ink, sand, copper powder, marble powder, firewood ashes and textiles. Every time I work with my tools of choice – brushes, plastic cards, my fingers, scrapers, pallet knives – to bring the soft creamy acrylic paint onto the canvas, and the result is always a pleasant surprise. To satisfy my creative needs, while I paint I do not pay attention to formal rules. My abstract styles range from pure abstract – an evocation of emotion or the time of the year, to abstract flower/figure paintings which, while still abstract, are a more concrete vision of what I see in the world, what I feel in the environment and how I sense the seasons of the year. I often paint while listening to music and enjoying a cup of coffee or a glass of wine.

MarianneB’s work can be seen in many different galleries and expositions in Alabama, California, Colorado, Georgia, Florida, Nevada, NYC, North Carolina, Virginia, Washington DC, The Netherlands, Germany, India, Singapore and Majorca.  MarianneB travels to many exhibitions to showcase her work. She has also won several prestigious awards for her artwork.