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Pamela A. Myers


Pamela Acheson Myers is an emerging artist. Her paintings have appeared in numerous juried shows in 2013 including the Contemporary Show at the Cultural Council of Palm Beach, Florida; the Scottsdale Arizona Biennale 2013 (“Dusk at Lake Tahoe” won Award of Exceptional Merit), and the Artists of Palm Beach County Summer Exhibit and Fall Exhibit, where she was the featured artist. Her paintings hang in Liman Gallery in Palm Beach. She has also painted several commissions.

In her abstract landscapes, Pamela focuses on the interplay of color in her distinctive but intangible interpretations of water, land, and sky. “Since I was a child I have been fascinated by watery vistas and the reflections they create,” she says. “For me, every view of the convergence of land, sea, and sky is a unique magic moment.”

In her hibiscus series, she turns these brilliant blossoms into playful characters with a life of their own. She paints exceptionally realistic portraits of birds. In her dramatic abstract paintings, Pamela focuses on color to visually portray emotional conflict and, sometimes, resolution.

Myers’ photographs and articles have appeared in Caribbean Travel & Life and Travel & Leisure; she was an executive at a major publishing house; has written and designed ads and marketing tools; designed numerous books; and is the author of many books, most recently A Year in Palm Beach: Life in an Alternate Universe, which she co-authored with her late husband Richard B. Myers. The Palm Beach Daily News called it “A love story.”