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Pascal Pierme


Pascal Pierme (b. 1962 St. Rafael, France) is a Frenchman who settled in Santa Fe, New Mexico USA in 1997. Prior to that time, he had gained a European reputation as a promising young sculptor and accomplished several successful solo exhibits in France and Switzerland. The artist cites his Grandfather as an early inspiration. He was fascinated by what a piece of wood could become in a few hours in his Grandfather’s hands and magical studio. Pierme himself has since become known as a master of medium. Although nicknamed “Picasso” at a young age, he has never been comfortable identifying himself as an artist. He is, however, aware of his prolific creative tendencies, and does not “feel good” unless he is in his studio creating. Being a foreigner in a new land became an advantage for Pierme’s creative process as he learned a new system and culture and devoured the beautiful New Mexico landscape around him. Now, nearly a quarter-century later, his career has blossomed in America. Accolades have been swift and abundant and he has been able to take more risks and evolve rapidly. Critics, curators, and collectors alike revere his ongoing bodies of work. His current works can be found in many public permanent collections, and countless publications feature his sculpture. With a true intention of giving back, he has worked as an organizer and benefactor for several organizations relating to the promotion of the arts and the betterment of the community that he calls home.