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Ralph DiMarco


I find the painting process to be very meditative, and painting landscapes in particular has lent itself very well to an introspective, spiritual approach. My goal is to enable the viewer to experience the visual and ethereal qualities of a particular location, to that effect all my paintings are of places visited and experienced in person. Technically, I work with quick and spontaneous brushstrokes, a straightforward composition, and a combination of realistic and saturated colors. I also employ a clear resin to seal progressive layers of paint and thus create a final shimmering effect that, while reminiscent of sunlight, provides the viewers with a look “through” the developing phases of the painting.

Ralph graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design in 1985 and spent his career managing freelance illustration commissions and positions as a Designer and Project Manager within the stationery and party goods industry. He began to paint landscapes a few years ago as a way to pursue his love of the genre and experiment with the oil painting medium. Ralph is originally from Italy, having lived in the Campania and Tuscany regions, and frequently evokes his experiences in the Italian countryside to energize his paintings.