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Sandy Kaufman


Sandy Kaufman was born in New York City and he earned his BFA in Visual Communications from the Rhode Island School of Design. He developed into an award-winning graphic designer for both print and digital. As a book designer he has worked for Oxford University Press, Workman Publishing, and Columbia University Press. He was the Communications Director of Creative Services and Marketing Communications for Columbia University and New York University for the past 25 years as while continuing to work on his painting and photography. His work has been exhibited many galleries and is available in 4 self-published books. He is now pursuing his fine arts on a full-time basis.

“Through “new eyes” I look in all directions as I wander, and I discover unique and fascinating details in the familiar: forms and textures in a special light such as the arabesque of a curled hanging wire, the painterly shadow of a bicycle pedal on concrete; the fracture of light into jewel-like ripples through construction mesh, the multi-layered reflections of the surroundings in glass, chrome, and plastics. My art is about discovering the poetry that surrounds us. Through abstract forms, patterns, lines, colors, textures the compositions hold an alluring mystery.”

Portrait credit: Carlos Orraca