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Sylvie Hamou


Balance and contrast best describe the bold, contemporary artworks of Sylvie Hamou. Just as linguists play with words, she plays with color, geometrical forms, lines and textures. Domed, smooth, hollowed out or partially faded dots inspired by Antipodean artistic techniques, give softness to this abstract art often echoing constructivism. Sylvie Hamou’s flowing graphic combinations and juxtaposed structures are vibrant yet peaceful, simple yet captivating! Each painting is a fascinating starting point to trigger one’s own imagination. Over the last four years Sylvie Hamou has participated in numerous group and solo exhibits in Switzerland, France and Miami / Florida.

“I love to create by experimenting with colors and plaster, natural fiber and sand textures. I seek simple aesthetics and equilibrium with a preference for square-shaped canvas supports and a palette of two or three shades. I want my artwork to have stand-alone personality and to release positive energy.
While I dislike explaining my art, my creativity is clearly the expression of my origins, my inner self… the combination of elements and influences that were the essence of my childhood. From the structural landscapes of New Zealand together with the geometrical, repetitive art forms used by its indigenous people and the aboriginal art techniques of Australia, my quest for visual coherence and careful color composition must be the legacy of my French mother, without forgetting the linear and mathematical exactitude of my Swiss father!
I have purposefully worked on two complementary graphic art collections – Antipodean influences that highlights primitive art inspirations and the Contemporary collection inspired by urban design and architecture.
In this somewhat crazy, stressed out world, my greatest pleasure is to hear that my work is appreciated for its innovative contemporary style that is serene and optimistic. Just how life should be!”