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Waylon Christner

Waylon 2 Akumal 2013 low res

Waylon’s interest in art emerged at a young age, but lay dormant until his early 20’s when he found it to be a way to satisfy his wanderlust personality. He began an intense, self-directed study of color, form, space and mediums. Never one to “color within the lines,” Waylon’s art is infused with bold colors and vigorous brush strokes that reflect his passion to explore that place within himself where he never knows what will quite unfold. This mystery zone is both the source of his unique style and the sense of surprise and wonder he hopes to instill in those who view and own his work.

Primarily a self-taught artist, Waylon has been influenced by such renowned artists as Robert Raushenburg and Jean Michael Basquait. His exhibition history extends from New York, Florida, Massachusetts and North Carolina, and on its way to California. His works are displayed in commercial venues and galleries in North Carolina and owned by private and business collectors across the country.